Devoted to a Thriving District 8

Why am I running for Denver City Council District 8? As your District 8 Councilwoman, I will bring the community voice to the table at every city decision. I will ensure that all residents have the opportunity to engage with city leaders and have their needs met including housing for all, access to parks and open space, safe and walkable/bikable streets.


When my husband, Luke, and I looked for our first home during the pregnancy of our daughter, walking around Park Hill was a dream; the tree-lined parkways, the diverse housing and architecture, the proud civil rights history, the community environment — just a 1.5 mile from downtown Denver. Residents since 2007, we have seen many changes in the neighborhood and the city; not all for the good of the all the residents. Denver has become a developer’s city where developer’s dictate the look and feel of the neighborhood. Let’s get back to “Denver — the city of opportunity and optimism.”


After 8 years in New York City, I wanted more of a work-life balance. Working for one of the largest media companies in the world, provided me with an understanding of “the bottom line” and hierarchy. I always wanted to learn more and see more so I bought a car and drove across country. Along the way, we stopped at the Musocogee Creek Nation [Okmulgee, OK] where I spoke to the citizenship board about my heritage and obtaining citizenship through my great-grandfather Royal Bird. This citizenship, granted in 2016, represents an important part of my heritage and the connection I feel with my family/friends and the earth. We arrived in Colorado in Fall of 2007. Maybe it was the orange and blue sunsets or the purple mountains majesty but I stayed.


Raised by a single mother and grandmother, in New York, who were very involved in the community, especially education and real estate. I was taught to ask questions, do your research, and speak up. Being a District Representative on the Greater Park Hill Community board for several years, has provided me with the opportunity to formally act on issues such as, zoning provisions for neighborhoods, true public parks, traffic safety and mobility.


Park Hill, Stapleton, Montbello and East Colfax are neighborhoods facing individual growing pains. Park Hill is an urban and historic community facing issues of how to preserve its safe and close-knit community within a growing urban environment. Stapleton, is the “new kid on the block” stretching and expanding, trying to manage a growing population of families with all of the amenities. Montbello has many basic needs like, mobility for all residents, effective public transportation, maintain and expand housing, and full service grocery store for fresh produce. East Colfax is working towards becoming a thriving community, retaining its views of the Front Range while revitalizing the business districts, housing, and transportation. [map]

Endorsements: Former City Councilwoman Susan Barnes-Gelt

Accolades: Awarded the 2018 Dr. Babbs award for Outsanding Community Engagement, State of Colorado North Metro Denver Small Business Consultant, Elected Greater Park Hill Community Representative District 5 in 2016/ Re-elected 2018.


A graduate Masters of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and a graduate Masters in Business Administration, specializing on Sustainable Partnerships.